Monday, 12 November 2012

Total Recall Remake 2012

The sum of the parts did not add up to a great movie. Changing the name of the movie might have avoided painful contrasts to the iconic first version. Most of the blame has to go to the director. The storytelling was off. Colin Farrell reprises the role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Colin's string of box office flops seems to prove he is incapable of carrying a blockbuster to market. Personally I like him and his presence attracts me to a film. In Total Recall his performance can not be faulted. Kate Beckinsale has a larger role than Sharon Stone did in the first movie. This may be another poor choice. Jessica Biel did not sell her part as the love interest well.

There is a lot to like about this movie. The action scenes are far better than the original. The visuals are terrific.The tension created as the movie climax's had me squirming more than I remember the first time around. The interpreting of the Phillip K Dick novel is much different, it is an interesting universe that was presented poorly. 

Despite that I recommend the movie without reservation.

Three Stars