Monday, 17 October 2016

Amerigeddon (2016)

Amerigeddon is a seething parinod fantasy about the New World Order detonating an EMP designed to send America back to the stone age. Fortunatly we have 8 patriots who resist. The plot is great, the budget shoestring and the acting just passable. This movie needed a Red Dawn injection of vision. Still its better than Dragon Day. In fact the director, and some of its cast could have a future in pictures.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this project is the makers likely think its a documentary.

Two point six stars for true patriot love

Flight Crew (2016)

This is a totally Russian movie. It stars Danila Kozlovsky  and Agne Grudyte.  Both IMHO match any current Hollywood screen power. The subtitles are revealing because the translations are literal. For example when the female lead tells the male lead he is too imature for her she says " I like Alexy's older brother, not you". Flight Crew was filmed in IMAX and the production values are world class. Its a good story and the last half hour really generates tension and tears. Well done cultural experience.

Four Stars for our Russian Friends

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Siege of Jadotville

Commandant Pat Quinlan pictured with his men in the aftermath of the Siege of Jadotville
A tremendously poignant story that sticks with you for days. As a movie its good but not great. The moving parts of this geo political parable are not clearly identified. The battle scenes are by Hollywood standards much like the TV series A team. Perhaps part of the reason is that incredibility after a five day siege by the French Foreign Legion (CIA)the Irish UN troops did not lose a single soldier. The acting, directing and pace are all world class.

This film documents a 1961 battle for the riches of the Congo. As we battle ISIS today I hope this film opens the eyes of policymakers and average citizens to the hypocrisy that rules our world and changes minds for the better. The Siege of Jadotville illustrated the reality that the UN would never be more than a referee in an alleyway knife fight. Dag Hamerstrong died in this battle. He was the man that might of made the UN relevant and someone took him out.

The only thing missing was Roland the Headless in the soundtrack.

Four hopefully influential movie stars

Soldiers of fortune when the pay was not okay.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Train to Busan (2016)

Its Snowpiecer with Zombies. Even though its Korean dialogue with no subtitles it should not stop anyone from enjoying this Korean take on the Zombie Apocalypse. (Subtitles are comming)There is something fresh about watching non Hollywood productions that is really delicious. One sidenote, the Korean TGV is very industrial looking compared to the Japanese Shinkansen,

The director really make you care about his characters and the tension in the last minutes is heart pounding. Production wise these are the best Zombies ever. Don't miss the Last Train to Pusan.

Three Point Eight stars

Saturday, 1 October 2016

ARQ (2016)

This may be the first Netflicks produced movie I have watched. Cant wait for this one Oct 7. It was a good experience and if it provides funding for similar efforts the public good is well served. Its a time loop groundhog day kinda movie with a twist. They made a lot out of nothing much here kudos all round, especially for Tony Elliot the Orphan Black writer who makes a great directoral debut.

3.5 Stars for difficulty yet clarity which is rare in a time travel movie

Mechanic Resurection (2016)

Its a Jason Statham movie. It started out realy strong and then just became a meaner McGiver. Lots of clever plot, Jessa Alba is great eye candy.  The locations, Phuket, Bangkok, Penang, Sydney, Rio are to die for as all of the people who cross Bishop do. A very nice looking picture with more hand to hand combat than than Bruce lee did in his entire career. 

Three been there done that stars