Sunday, 12 February 2017

Passengers (2017)

Spear a Norwegian save a whale. This seems to be the critical reaction to Mortyl Tylden's movie. He did the fantastic Imitation Game and if you liked that movie this one is right there. Casting is suspect, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have zero chemistry. If this choice had been better this movie would have been a blockbuster. Its great sci fi and despite all the warts generates real anxiety. It asks lots of heavy questions and gives dopey answers, but is the world not just like that.  Rotten Tomatoes was at 31% well I give global warming to that.

Three Solid Stars

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Live by night (2017)

A calm sea of normality with a furious propeller of progressive thought churning beneath the surface. Black and white and morality and everything is addressed
its a sleeper that could make you unconscious if you were thinkingaboot it.

Its not a great gangster movie like Goodfellas, its pedestrian in its delivery but 
world class in its themes.

Zoe Sleanda deserves and Oscar for portraying a white wife.

Its a movie that hits you later hard.

Five Stars despite the flaws of execution

Thursday, 2 February 2017

War on Everyone (2016)

Eric from True Blood and Micheal Pena are wacky wild and crazy cops. This movie is on the suspended disbelief bubble for the first third and then snaps into a surrealistic wonderland. A lot of fun and often clever. I especially enjoyed Caleb Landry Jones in his homage to Dirty Harry. Rotten tomatoes was at 61%.

Three point 7 stars

Dont watch the trailer to many spoliers