Sunday, 25 September 2016

Star Trek Beyond

The plot is a big stretch. Lots of great CGI and diversity, we got diversity. I liked Sofia Boutella as Jaylah. Crab head people, acid snot engineers and a genetic mutant bad guy. For some reason the main characters did not seem to capture their characters with the authenticity of the last two episodes.

It was the weakest of the three reboots. I give it a little better than entertaining rating. Rotten Tomatoes loved it, I am just pleased for another edition.  I really wonder is Star Trek would not be better going back to the small screen as  GOT type series.

Three point two stars.

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Monday, 19 September 2016

31 (2016)

I have great affection for B movies. I cant think of a better one than The Devils Rejects. Thats why I was eager to see the new Rob Zombie film 31. After about 20 minutes I came very close to bailing.

Richard Brake as Doom-Head was terrific and should have been the central villain. That was the biggest problem with the movie, it was a series of short horror vignettes tied together by a mostly uninteresting group of victims. Fans of Sherrie Moon Zombie will get there full fix, otherwise its only recommended for hard core Zombie fans.

I can only hope there is a sequel fleshing out Doom-Head and the 31 group.

2.5 disappointed stars.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Lost in the Pacific (2016)

Lost in the Pacific is the sequel to The Last Flight.  It is a movie so bad its good. The tone was set because my version had English Subtitles for English dialogue. Aside from the cats the production values are fabulous.

This Chinese action plane disaster flick will have your eyeballs glued to the screen waiting for something weirder to happen. My favourite character was Ruoxin the female pilot who just cant get no respect. There is even a very funny homage to Casey Ryback. Sit back take it for what it is an have a hoot. 

Three point one awfully good stars.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ex Machina

I figured the movie out after half an hour. It was interesting but I did not find it entertaining.   I would like to give is a good rating for originality but it was not that original. I ended up just sampling it, give it a try.

This is a very cool scene.

Rampage (2009) Rampage:Capital Punishment (2010) Rampage: President Down (2010)

Fans of The Purge will love these movies. The message is hard core anti republican. Hard to believe the central message is a call for gun control. All three are written and directed by B movie wunderkund Uwe Boll. All three have a cheesy low budget feel. The story is pretty good. In the first movie Bill Williamson practically wipes out his hometown. In the second he takes his message to Washington, in the third he wastes the Untited States. The anti hero taken to psychopathic extremes is good entertainment for those who like comic book violence.

a collective 3.8 thought provoking stars