Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Supernova (2000)

A film with a lot of promise. James Spader stared as a bad ass recovering drug addict. I like Spader who is best known now for the Blacklist TV show. Angela Basset is the heroine, and Peter Facinelli makes a terrific villian. After watching this movie I have to wonder why Peter or fellow costar Robin Tunney's carreers failed to soar. Even Lou Diamond Philps who I normaly have little time for did not annoy.

Its a classic Sci Fiction story with a great twist on faster than light travel. The legendary Walter Hill directed the first version but left the film, Francis Ford Coppala was brought in to make the best of the dailies. Rotten Tomatos gave it 10% and it make back less than 10 of its 90 million dollar budget. This was a very good movie that totally drew me into its world. Can't figure out why it was such a bomb.

Three Stars

The Town (2010)

I watched the Blu Ray extended version. It runs 2 hours and thirty minutes. I liked the original version which was just over two hours.  Even with the extra half hour the movie really moves.

Ben Afleck as a director and a star has become very bankable and his name in the credits almost guarantees satisfaction. The Town is a great gritty heist movie. It has many similarities to Heat, but if I had to pick the better movie it would be The Town. My only quibble was the sachrine ending. 
It was a box office and critical hit. Both as a star and director Its Aflecks best movie to date.

Four Stars