Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Numbers Stations

One of my favourite books is Cyptonomicon. It should be a movie and I based upon his suburb work on Numbers Station, I nominate Danish newcomer Kasper Barfoed to direct. F Scott Fraizer another rookie did the screenplay and would be a great choice for any movie based upon this effort. The movie stars John Cusack as the prototypical wet worker who loses his edge. The movie is full of moral dilemmas, and Cusack painfully works them out for us. Malin Akerman plays a sweet civilian contractor who broadcasts secret code  for the CIA. After a fall from grace Cusack is assigned to protect her, but more importantly the code. It should be a routine and boring assignment, but of course its not. A terrific movie due to be released in the USA on April 26.
Four Stars

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