Wednesday, 4 September 2013

World War Z (2013)

Fundamentally it is a very good movie. There is constant suspense that had me squirming from beginning to end. Marc Forster has made some great movies like Quantum of Silence and the Kite Runner, this may be his best work to date. The effects creating waves of maniacal zombies are fantastic. I am not saying she was terrible but I did not like Mirelle Enos playing the wife to Brad Pitt. I did not like the children either, I found all three really annoying. The Zombies are fast movers, even faster than the 28 days later, and super-strong like the I am legend Zombies. From the time a human is bit until they turn is only 15 sec. I found this prototype of Zombie a little bit of blasphemy. Rotten Tomatoes gave is 67% I would have it close to 80. The movie cost $190 million and brought in $200 domestic. So hopefully the trilogy will be completed. Not as good as 28 day/weeks but better than I am Legend.

Four Stars


  1. My friend is a fan of the book that this was based on, and even though I know it is completely different from the book, I do want to see the movie and I can't wait to watch this when it comes out to rent on Redbox.


  2. Easily the best movie of the summer. This and 28 Dsys Later are perhaps the two best flix in the genre I like. Generally speaking only this Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 12 were the only truly entertaining films of the summer.

  3. It’s a fun movie if you want a couple of chills and thrills, but not much else other than that. Good review Steve.