Friday, 6 June 2014

Far Cry (2008)

How did I fail to notice this flick. The original video game released in 2004 was a mega hit and defined the modern FPS. The movie version takes place on a British Columbia Island not a tropical paradise. The plot remains the same, a dropped out special forces soldier takes a journalist by boat to the Island. Then all hell breaks loose. Uwe Boll has a terrible reputation as a director, Far Cry proves he does have and A game.  Emmanuelle Vaugier caught my eye with a superb performance as Valerie Constantine the Lois Lane type reporter who gets word of genetic super soldiers being developed in a mad scientists lair. Certainly she would have been a better choice than Amy Adams for the latest Superman. Til Schweiger is fantastic as the hero Jack.  A German actor who has done some work in Hollywood, but this should have been a breakthrough for him Chris Coppalo as the bumbling right hand was also great. Why this movie was not a major hit is a Far Cry.

Three point five Stars

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