Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy(2014)

Awesome, best movie of 2014 so far. Interstellar is going to have to be very good to top it. I put Guardians of the Galaxy in the same league as Star War, Star Trek and The Fifth Element. However it would not win a playoff round. Chris Pratt was great but he was not fantastic, same for Zoe Zalandra. But this is a franchise with legs so hopefully they will hit nothing but home runs next time. The rest of the ensemble cast had Vin Diesel and Bradly Cooper lending their voices two two of the best most human CGI characters ever. The wrestler Dave Bautista was also very good in his role as Drax.  I am sure in a theatre some of the funny lines would have worked better. Rotten Tomatoes loved it with a 95%. It did $330 million domestic and close to $800 million total. Its sure to be the top Blu Ray of the year. They have created a universe where anything is possible and a crew that overall can go toe to toe with some of the finest ever assembled.

A sample of a much better review.
Marvel does it again with Guardians of the Galaxy being one of their best and most accessible films to date. Director, James Gunn, gives us one of the most unique, entertaining, and hilarious adventures ever put to film. It is like a combination of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Mass Effect, and Firefly, packed full of 80s references, action, and absurdly lovable characters. Even if you have never seen a Marvel film, there is so little connection to the main universe that it does not matter, yet there are still plenty of Easter Eggs for the fans like myself.

Five Stars


  1. Glad you liked the movie! And thank you for the link and quote of my review.


  2. Wow... did not like this movie, at least as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not sure how they can go from the serious tone of The Winter Soldier to this Star Wars parody. By itself its a fine film, but as part of a series of movies connected by one overarching storyline, it was horrible.


    1. Something did not click into place for you. This was Galaxy Quest for Star Wars, although I doubt the team behind was thinking that way.. I thought Galaxy Quest was brilliant. Guardians was not as clever for sure but still a wiz bang movie.