Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Town (2010)

I watched the Blu Ray extended version. It runs 2 hours and thirty minutes. I liked the original version which was just over two hours.  Even with the extra half hour the movie really moves.

Ben Afleck as a director and a star has become very bankable and his name in the credits almost guarantees satisfaction. The Town is a great gritty heist movie. It has many similarities to Heat, but if I had to pick the better movie it would be The Town. My only quibble was the sachrine ending. 
It was a box office and critical hit. Both as a star and director Its Aflecks best movie to date.

Four Stars

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  1. Good film. It didn't make my list of all time favourite heist movies http://www.1971-reviewae.com/2010/09/top-10-slickest-heist-movies-of-past-20.html, but it was enjoyable. I think after the whole JLo debacle and a series of crap films, it was good to see him finally on form.


    BTW, your comment on my American Sniper review seemed to have upset a fan.