Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Waterworld (Ulysses Edition) 1995 (2010)

The Ulysses Edition adds 40 min to the orginal.  I liiked the orginal I thought is was a nice parabole and the use of the Exxon Valdez particularly poingant. 

I like Kevin Costner and he is totaly on here. Jeanne Tripplehorn shines as the female lead. Dennis Hopper delivers as the villan.

Considering this movie was released in 1995 it shows just how farsighted the ad have been released today it would not be the bomb it was in 1995. The additional minutes fill in many blanks and make the ending much more satisfying, there is a bit of a Planet of the Apes moment at the conculsion that was powerful.

The original got a 42% Rotten Tomatos which I would have had at 60. This one moves up at least 10 points.

Three point two stars

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