Thursday, 13 October 2016

Siege of Jadotville

Commandant Pat Quinlan pictured with his men in the aftermath of the Siege of Jadotville
A tremendously poignant story that sticks with you for days. As a movie its good but not great. The moving parts of this geo political parable are not clearly identified. The battle scenes are by Hollywood standards much like the TV series A team. Perhaps part of the reason is that incredibility after a five day siege by the French Foreign Legion (CIA)the Irish UN troops did not lose a single soldier. The acting, directing and pace are all world class.

This film documents a 1961 battle for the riches of the Congo. As we battle ISIS today I hope this film opens the eyes of policymakers and average citizens to the hypocrisy that rules our world and changes minds for the better. The Siege of Jadotville illustrated the reality that the UN would never be more than a referee in an alleyway knife fight. Dag Hamerstrong died in this battle. He was the man that might of made the UN relevant and someone took him out.

The only thing missing was Roland the Headless in the soundtrack.

Four hopefully influential movie stars

Soldiers of fortune when the pay was not okay.

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