Friday, 21 September 2012

28 Days Later (2002)

If you liked Trainspotting,  The Beach or Slumdog Millionaire this movie will thrill you.  All were directed by Danny Boyle. Twenty eight days later follows the Zombie movie handbook,  Jim wakes up in a London hospital  unaware he is one a handful of live humans.  If like me you don’t recognize any of the actors do not let this deter you. 28 DL is IMHO the best Zombie movie ever (and it has a sequel).  The soundtrack is sublime,  the song In a house-In a Heartbeat is most effective.  Jim meets up with other survivors and they flee London.

Sanctuary is not what it seems, when you watch on DVD there is an alternative ending.  Its just a terrific movie. Critically and commercially the movie was a success.

Five Stars. 

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