Friday, 21 September 2012

Apocalypse Now (1979/1986)

Apocalypse Now is my hands down pick for not only the greatest war movie, not only the movie which most accurately captures the zeitgeist of its time, but is the greatest achievement in filmmaking to date. I do not think it’s possible for it to be topped. First Francis Ford Coppla, is one of the most talented and unorthodox directors ever. Next the story was based upon the Iconic study of conflict Heart of Darkness. Marlon Brando and his ilk will never be seen again. Filmed on location in the Philippines it captures the chaos, horror and joy of war like no other movie. I came of age during this time, and this is how the 70’s were. This movie seething with anti-war sentiment came out 4 years before the Vietnam War ended. In the 21st century the only comparable and totally impossible event would be a 911 movie portraying 911 as a false flag coming out in 2002.  All the main character are legends now.  Watch this movie on the biggest screen you can find, with the best sound system available.
It was a star amongst stars at the time, and it holds up like no other movie of my youth I have ever revisited.

Colonel Kurtz sums it up best when he says “Charging someone with murder during a war is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500”

Ten Stars
The soundtrack featured The Doors and a Wagner Classic

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