Monday, 7 January 2013

Savages (2012)

Oliver Stone has secured his place as one of the greatest directors of his generation. Still he has never revisted the heights reached with Platoon.  Arguably Savages is one of his best attempt to date. It an interesting story about the ongoing drug war. There is a super cast with Benicio Del Toro putting in a wonderful portrayal of a drug cartel lieutenant.  John Travolta is great as a slimy DEA agent. The male leads are split between Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights and John Carter) and Aaron Taylor Johnson (never heard of him either) who play primo pot farmers, and Blake Lively who is the love interest for both.  Selma Hayek sizzles as the leader of an evil drug cartel.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it a measly 51%. Wrong again.
Four Stars


  1. This film looks interesting, might rent it. Also you appeared to have forgotten to name this post.


  2. Aaron Johnson's actually a pretty good actor, he was in Kick-Ass but he did a really good job as John Lennon in Nowhere Boy. I think you've been way too generous with your rating here though. This movie was pretty poorly executed in my opinion.

  3. I tend to be a generous marker. I go more with how the movie made me feel than more technical assesments or plot hole examination.

  4. This one is definitely on my 'must rent' list.