Monday, 7 January 2013

Zero Dark Thrity

The Hurt Locker could have been an excerpt from Zero Dark Thirty. I liked both movies. Zero Dark Thirty has the benefit of being the definitive story documenting the decade long mission to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. Anyone expecting an action thriller is going to be disappointed.  It’s much like a season of Homeland condensed. James Gandolfini as CIA director Leon Panetta rocks, and is about the only actor I recognized. If it is a true look at how the CIA operates; it’s both kind of sad, and testament as to how big the task is. This movie is going to win big at the Oscars but more out of patriotism than merit. My predictions: Best Director- Kathryn Bigelow, Best Actress - Jessica Chastain, and likely Best Movie.
Three point eight stars


  1. I've heard that this is probably going to win some Oscars, but I did not know it was in wide release yet.


  2. Well I blew the Oscar call totally. Zero Dark Thirty went Dark Oscar night.