Thursday, 6 June 2013

John Dies in the End (2012)

I saw this movie before Upstream Color. Its reminiscent of Upstream Color. Unlike the former eventually everything that happens becomes clear. The movie got 60% from Rotten Tomatoes but did not break 200 grand at the box office. Acting, story and cinematography are all first class. Maybe it was just a little too zany for its own good. I liked it but did not run around saying "check this out"

Two point nine Stars.


  1. I have read so many mixed reviews about the film I am not sure what to think. If I can catch free on TV I may watch it, otherwise, best not waste my time or money.


    1. I agree not a movie worth investing in.

  2. I disliked this film. Its just too weird. Its creative but weird. Its like something a nine yr old kid would come up with. A very bright but disturbed 9 yr old kid :-p