Monday, 3 June 2013

Safety Not Guaranteed (2102)

A delightful lark. A screwball comedy played totally straight. There are sci fi elements but its really a Rom Com for everyone. Aubrey Plaza who plays the side kick in Parks and Recreation is terrific as the female lead. Its a movie of no names that just shines  brighter than many star filled efforts. I loved it, its a special movie. Rotten Tomatoes agreed.

Four point two Stars


  1. I really want to see this! The trailer looks hilarious and the "Time-traveler" looking for a companion reminds me of my favorite TV series, Doctor Who in that respect. Being a major Star Wars nerd, I found the Star Wars reference in the trailer humorous.
    Is the film currently in theaters or is it out on Blu-Ray?



    1. Out on Blue Ray at Amazon for ten bucks.

  2. Saw this recently. Its nice, but its more of a straight comedy/drama. The science fiction element was very down played. I feel asleep before the ending, but apparently ... ok spoiler.