Monday, 8 July 2013

Olympus has fallen

They had me at the title.  Every character in the movie is a retold version of Under  Siege, except this time its under siege in the White House. In the Stephen Segal role is Gerard Butler. He is both a better actor and better screen fighter than Segal. The rest of the movie not as good as the original, and no where close to meeting the standard set by the early Die Hards. Antonie Fuqua of Training Day glory knows how to direct ,and that's what puts this formula flick into suspend disbelief territory. It also helps that at this current time its one of the best new action movies out there. Rotten Tomatoes was on the fence, the public loved it, expect a sequel.

Notable there is another identical move now in the theaters thats bombing called White House Down. A nice summary of similar twins.

Three Stars

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  1. Admittedly technically its a slick movie, but wow its soooo silly. Everything about it says 'hack job'. I actually fell asleep one hour into the film. Thats never happened to me before. Maybe its a sign that i'm getting old.