Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Grey Zone (2001)

I generally steer away from Holocaust Movies. I used to think the genre should have ended with Schindler's List. Defiance proved me wrong.  So when I picked up the DVD of The Grey Zone with Steve Buscemi and Harvey Keitel I was hoping for the same experience. The Grey Zone makes every other Holocaust Movie you have ever seen look like a Disney Film. Its pure unadulterated Holocaust Porn Horror. What makes it so disturbing is that it is the true story of a group of Jewish SonderKommandos. There is no propaganda, no spite, in fact considering the German Commander is a ruthless psychopath he is given a relatively sympathetic portrayal. The movie is based upon a stage play and the direction leans towards stage emoting which initially I found disconcerting. As a movie it was not a finely crafted masterpiece, but as an examination of the human condition it cuts to the soul with surgical precision.  As the biggest not feel good movie of all time not surprisingly it bombed at the box office, taking in just over a half a million. Rotten Tomatoes loved it. If I was king everyone would be compelled to watch this movie when they turned 18, if you only watch one Holocaust Movie, watch this one.

Five Stars

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