Friday, 4 October 2013

The East (2013)

This move is a collaboration between  director Zal Batmanglij and Writer/producer and Star Brit Marling. Both are on a trajectory to be huge stars.  The East is an Eco terrorism group lead by Eric from True Blood. Ellen Page is also a member of the gang. Sarah a deep cover operative from a very tony private security firm infiltrates the group. Of course she discovers she is in way to deep.
The movie is very preachy but in a good hearted way. There last ten minutes is full of great twists and turns.  It got a well deserved 75% from Rotten Tomatoes, the box office was disappointing at less than $3 million, but hopefully it does well in DVD. Well worth the rental or purchase.

Three point six stars


  1. I have never heard of this movie, but I will probably try and check it out; your review intrigues me.


  2. Actually this is the first time I heard about this. Poor marketing I guess.