Friday, 4 October 2013

White House Down

Its a movie by Roland Emmerich of Independence Day fame. He also did Stargate, The Patriot, 2012 and The Day after Tomorrow. This is one of his best.  WHD stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, two actors who I am generally lukewarm on.  Tatum takes on the Bruce Willis role in this Die Hard formula flick and Jamie plays a very Obama like president. What really grabbed me about this movie is how prescient it was about today's headlines. White House Down rocks. I have one little quibble about the basement tunnels and when you see the movie I am sure you will agree. White House Down had the misfortune to come out a few weeks after the very similar but not nearly as good Olympus has Fallen. Rotten Tomatoes piled on giving it only 50%, I say its at least 50% better than that. I strongly recommend this movie.

Three point seven five Stars


  1. Emmerich directed the Patriot? I must have forgotten that, but I did like his Stargate movie. I am glad you liked the movie more than most, I will probably rent this and Olympus sometime soon.


  2. This to me felt like a parody of the action genre, almost as much as Cabin in the Woods did of the horror. It was really OTT with a lot of comedy. I personally preferred it to Olympus because it didnt take itself toooo seriously, and thus made it marginally more smarter than it.