Saturday, 7 December 2013

Bang Bang Club (2010)

The Bang Bang Club was a 2010 joint Canadian South African production. If you never heard of it join the club, it was released in the US (2011) and made a staggering $124,000 before the plug was pulled.  Perhaps the key reason it was not a big success is that was extremely politically incorrect. Is there a more saintly figure in the world than Nelson Mandela? Well Bang Bang pukes all over his carefully constructed story. It was an excellent movie more documentary than drama. Two of the real life photographers upon whom the movie is based won Pulitzer prizes, and two of them died. If you like political intrigue movies you will like this. It is far better than Welcome to Sarajevo or The hunting party.
According to this movie the apartheid regime in South Africa and the ANC were on pretty good terms near the end.

Three Point Five Stars

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