Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Shooter (2007)

Despite some casting weakness this movie should have been a mega hit.  Its a conspiracy theory story which is a proxy for Blackwater and Dick Cheney. The problem is the real Dick Cheney and Erik Prince are better villains than Ned Beatty and Danny Glover. Marky Mark would not be my first choice to play the lead but he does a credible job. Kate Mara the female lead I liked better now having seen her in House of Cards.  Also Micheal Pena is great as the sidekick. Antonie Fuqua justifiably lauded for Training Day directs this action flick well. The story is great compelling and was ahead of its time. In 2007 we did not have Wikileaks, Edward Snowdon and the collapse of Blackwater and the Bush presidency. Had this movie come out now it would be a much bigger hit.  The screenplay by Jonathan Lemkin was good but naming the lead Bob Lee Swagger did not add gravitas. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 48% with lots of Dixie Chick bashers weighing in. Domestic box was $47 mill with an equal amount overseas. Since the movie had a $61 mil budget, not a huge hit. It also topped the DVD sales charts. I really liked it much better the second time around. If you like conspiracy theories you will love this movie filmed mostly in BC.

Three point nine stars

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  1. I remember watching this on TV a few months ago, and I agree, it was above average. Mark Wahlberg was surprisingly good in the role too.