Monday, 15 December 2014

Gone Girl (2014)

One of the most clever plots in years. It was Directed by David Fincher who has some great films like Fight Club in his resume. I can see a best Director Oscar in his near future. At two hours and 25 minutes the movie does drag a bit in the second half. It was a really well acted movie with lots of Oscar nominations I'm sure.  Gone Girl was a critical and box office smash. I was disappointed at the ending but admit it was the correct one. Overall a very worthy production, and a terrific satire.

Four Stars


  1. Good review Steve. Fun to see Fincher back to his old ways where he actually seemed happy with the dirty and grim material he was working with.

  2. Fischer done a good job at turning a cheesy novel into a good film... although some of the sexual scenes towards the end made cringe... and not in an embarrassing way.