Monday, 30 March 2015

Born of War (2013)

A movie that asks the question what and who is a terrorist? The question is better than the movie. Nevertheless its about the best flick I have seen in months.
Sofia Black-D'Elia I had never heard or seen before and based upon this movie I expect her to become a star. Whatever it is she has it. The plot does not stray far from the headlines. In the end the plot is a predictable cliche but pulled off with great B movie Panache. My main criticism is why can all these hard people never manage to take out the bad guy the first, second, third or even fourth time. James Frain playing a mercenary wet worker made me take notice.  I would be in favour of seeing his name in more credits.

Vickey Jewson another unknown made a good movie, in future give her more money. Rotten Tomatoes has not reviewed but audiences gave it 89%. I am not near there.

Two point eight stars
Do not watch trailer if you want maximum enjoyment from movie, way to many tells revealed. Why do they do that?

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  1. Thanks for point this one out. I may give it a watch over the weekend, even though I didn't watch the trailer.