Saturday, 2 July 2016

Independance Day: Resurgence (2016)

One of the few sequels equal or better than the original. Liam Hemsworth was terrific as the star of the movie. The plot was better, and the plan for victory more plausible. All the characters from the first movie except Will Smith are back. The film takes place 25 years after the first invasion. Humankind remains united and has adopted Alien tech. Very soon its clear that plan of defense was not going to work.

A truly fantastic disaster porn, alien invasion, sci fi spectcale epic blockbuster.
Rotten Tomatoes savaged t with 38%. I would be close to 80. I am not giving it five stars like the orginal, because the orginal was orginal.

4 stars


  1. Didn't like this film. The first hour was fun, but then it began to drag for what seemed like 5 hours. It reminded me more of 2012 than Independence Day. I saw the original ID4 UK Premier when i was a kid. It was fun because I got to see Jeff Goldblum and other famous people in person, plus all the media etc and buzz added to the experience. When I went to watch it again a week later as a regular cinema goer, it was boring, lol.

    Would be interesting to see your Ghostbusters review. I hated that as well. Yahya.

  2. I will review it. "Ive been slimed" is a catchphrase of my youth.