Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Warcraft (2016)

Overall a pretty good Sword and Sorcery story. Two fascinating aspects.  Warcraft was directed by Duncan Jones. His two previous small movies Moon and Source Code where spectacular. This spectacular seems to have gotten a little bigger than he could manage. You feel the two hours, in a great movie you dont notice the passage of time. Still its a complicated story and to be honest I liked it as much as some of the first LOTOR movies. Second fasonater is that Rangar Loothbroke plays the hero. I did not know Travis Trimell was the lead.  I thought it might be but had to see the credits to verify. While not as good as Rangar, his portrayal as a sword swinging lover of half breed Orcs is enjoyable.

The worldwide box office was close to half a billion, and the movie was set up for a sequel which I expect to see.

RT gave it only 28% with me in the seventies.

3.6 stars

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