Friday, 17 January 2014

Enders Game (2013)

Based upon an extremely popular 1985 Sci Fi novel that was a bit of a crossover hit. Having won both the Hugo and Nebula awards needless to say it was a good book. Maybe it was not a good book to make into a movie.

 For a 12 year old boy this may be the best movie ever. However adults and fans of the book are going to be Meh! The film never really generates excitement. The CGI, acting, and story are all great but the end product is nothing special. As was its Rotten Tomatoes rating of 61% . A box office bomb, unlikely even worldwide to make back its $110 million production budget. If you read the books see the movie, otherwise kids only.

Two point seven Stars.

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  1. On the outside, Ender's Game looked like it should a good movie with good actors and CGI, but the execution is where it lacked for sure. Things happened, and I really did not care that much in the end; it, like you said, lacked excitement! Excellent review Steve.