Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Hunger Games Catching Fire (2013)

I thought the first movie was a mediocre made for TV movie from the seventies. Of  course I am not a young girl for whom this franchise is made. The budget for catching fire was bumped from $80 spent on the first to $130 million.  Jennifer Lawrence got bumped from a half a mill to ten mill. The look of the movie is much better and the story is also more interesting to a male adult. I maintain that the Predators franchise and Running man are better movies of the same type. However Catching Fire did lite me up. I look forward to Hunger Games 3. It was a huge box office smash and generally reviewed with more stars than I give.

Three Stars


  1. Agreed, the first Hunger Games are not very good, and being an adult male, the movie did not appeal to me either. However, I agree, Catching Fire is a vast improvement over the previous film. I enjoyed the movie more than you did, but I can see why you did not like it as much as me. One of my biggest problems with the first movie was the horrible shaky-cam and cheap look of everything, but I am glad that the new director fixed that problem with the sequel. On a side note, the upcoming film Mockingjay actually filmed some scenes in my home town.


  2. I actually enjoyed the first Hunger Games movie. I went into it not knowing anything about what it was about and was just expecting another Twilight type movie filled with love angsty teenagers and mild violence. The film turned out a lot darker and grown up than I expected, maybe thats why I like it. Plus the intensity of the child violence caught me of guard and the story had some depth. I'm looking forward to watching this sequel.