Monday, 31 March 2014

Anchorman 2 (2013)

Anchorman One was a extended SNL skit that barely succeeded. Anchor man two is more of the same. Encouragingly lots of thought has gone into this satire.It has a central narrative that moves this movie into Jonathan Swift territory. Mocking Fox News with great effect is the hook that sews all the stupid corny obvious activity into a experience that will make you laugh out loud several times.  For a movie to make me laugh out loud in this century is like time travel,  once thought impossible but some mad scientist have made this possible. Conventional wisdom says there is a circle where genius and insanity intersect. As an aside I think smart people are driven insane by having to deal with normal people. This is a movie where this theory is tested. Stupidity made brilliant by authenticity.

Three point four stars

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  1. I enjoyed this film. I didn't watch the first movie in full, but I sat through this and smiled quite a bit. The ending with all those celeb cameos was weird though.