Sunday, 9 March 2014

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

This is a important movie. Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut has been hugely influential. The backstory device or as some call it the non linear narrative. The street level dialogue, and the bloody scenes and scenery. Last but not least perfect execution of the soundtrack.

This is a tiny movie, very few sets, all sets simple, the actual robbery is not even shown. With a totally character driven story where the action has to be carried mostly by conversation, the actors have to be terrific. The ensemble cast is fabulous. Harvey Keitel is good. Steve Buscemi is better, but Micheal Madsen's performance is spectacular. He gives the movie legitimacy. Not that Micheal has not had a respectable career but he should have been a superstar.

I watched the 15th anniversary edition. Only relevant because the remastering renders the movie magnificently. I saw the original release of the movie and owned the original DVD. Its been well over ten years since I last watched. Time has been mostly kind to this flick. Some of the dialogue seems more corny than I remember but overall still a great movie. It remains a critical success, and is a true classic for the ages.

Four point two stars

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