Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Internship (2013)

If you do not like Owen Wilson stop reading. I love the Owen Wilson, his stich makes me laugh. Combine that with Vince Vaughn and in my book you get some kind of comic genius. The script was written by Vaughn  and he drifts successfully into Jonathan Swift territory. This is a better movie than the smash hit Wedding Crashers. Its a feel good movie thats totally predictable but the boys make it fresh. If you think there is a Harvard of online universities you will want to be one of the viewers that graduates from experiencing this movie. Rotten Tomatoes was way way off on this one.  I give it at least double their rating.

three point nine nine stars

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  1. I have yet too see this. Vince Vaughn is usually a turn off for me with films. I prefer his more dramatic work to his comedy. But Owen Wilson is usually good. I may give this one a watch.